Sunday, May 27, 2007

new history webring

found a new history webring based in Birminghan UK. I might fine some cool stuff here. will most likely have to join to get into some of the links but that is ok too. looks like lots of people chatting about lots o' things about Brum and links to history records that I may be able to use in tracing my Family Tree.

the week that was

well it was a busy week, one less day always make it so. weather was good but we really need some rain. garden is doing very well and we are taking care to not have the weeds overrun us this year, must post a few pics ...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Victoria Day in Canada

we went to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village today as it is a holiday here. Victoria Day in honour of Queen Victoria. the Village is a cluster of about 20 buildings from the early 1800's some of which were still in use up to the 1930's. there was a brief meeting of town "period" characters in costume celebrating Queen Victoria's as they would have done in the 1850's. overall not too bad.

21, May 2007

well here goes ... the first entry on my new blog. I'll mostly be using this to work on my geneology hobby. I'll try to get things hooked up with as that is where the bulk of my work already is.